Beyond the Red Sauce
It took a few years, but I have finally finished my first cookbook. The concept of the book focuses on my specialty - Italian cooking - while at the same time taking the cuisine in a slightly different direction.

While it's true that Italian cooking is innovative, creative, refreshing and exciting, for far too many people, "Italian" is synonymous with "covered in tomato sauce." This of course can't be further from the truth.

This was a lesson I had to learn myself, as growing up I always thought that tomatoes were a mandatory part of cooking anything "Italian." But the more I learned about Italian cooking, the more I learned how much more there was to the cuisine than just great tomato sauces.

In fact, tomatoes aren't even native to Italy! Sure, once present in Italian cooking, they made their mark and are now a quintessential part of the culinary landscape. But there is so much more to the cooking of Italy than just these wonderful little fruits.

Beyond the Red Sauce is my way of re-thinking what we conceive of as "Italian." It takes Italian food back to its roots, but also pushes the cuisine forward at the same time.

This book was not inspired by an allergy to, or dislike of tomatoes on my part. Heck, you need only take a look at the background image of this website to know I'm a huge fan of tomatoes of all shapes, sizes and colors. Rather, I wrote this book to show just how much more there is to Italian cooking than you may have known. This book is your chance to expand your thinking of Italian cooking, and make real Italian food that's sure to surprise and please everyone.

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